Lightweight Cabin Luggage

Lightweight Cabin Luggage

Lightweight cabin luggage brings us a step up from basic bags such as backpacks and duffle bags and adds wheels and a telescopic handle.

Two fixed wheels allows you to pull the bag behind you which lessens the weight you have to carry.


A backpack-suitcase combo gives you the best of both worlds. Its a handy backpack for adventurous active days. Its a pull-along suitcase when you can be a little bit more relaxed and laid back.


Two wheel suitcases are mainly soft shell. With their two fixed wheels they can handle rough terrain better than four wheel spinners but do put a bit more strain on you. Prices start at under £10.

Lightweight under 2.4 kilograms


Cabinmax Eastpak Aerolite Antler Jansport Samsonite

£20 | £20-£40 | £40-£60 | £60+


Samsonite Kipling AmericanTourister Karabar Slimbridge

£20 | £20-£40 | £40-£60 | £60+

Lightweight cabin luggage benefits

Being able to wheel your case behind you makes moving it much easier and more comfortable.  The two wheels and telescopic handle of lighweight cabin luggage also reduces wear and tear on your arms and back. These benefits become particulaly evident on hot days when you need to get to and from hotels and airports.

Wheels and handles do take up room in the case so your packing space is reduced slighly but its a reasonable trade-off.

If you’re fit and active and have an adventerous lifestyle then backpack-suitcase combos could be ideal. The more relaxed pull-along suitcase option is always there when you need it.