1. Get great deals on great products

  2. Save time searching on-line

  3. Save time reading endless reviews

  4. Get back to doing what you’d rather be doing

Twenty years ago there were about 3,000 web sites on the internet. In 2016 that’s grown a little to about 1000 million – yes 1 BILLION websites.

When I go shopping on-line, for me, there’s too much choice. The internet is just too big. Too big, too much choice, too much time wasted searching for the stuff I want. And all those reviews I just have to read.

I don’t want MORE choice I want BETTER choice and please can I have it all in one place!

That’s what this site is about.


For our specific luggage picks, we turn to the professional testers at sites like TheWirecutter.com, Fodor’s, GoodHousekeeping.com and OutdoorGearLab.com. They put bags through their paces, sometimes for weeks, then report on durability and convenience. We also looked at roundups by travel experts at places like Forbes.com and SmarterTravel.com. They don’t always test the bags, but they’re knowledgeable about travel and the needs of various types of travelers. We also combed through hundreds of owner reviews at sites like Amazon.com and eBags.com to find out how all of these bags hold up under real world use.

You came searching for lightweight suitcases and I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

All in one place.

Thank you for visiting.