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Lightweight Suitcases and Luggage in-depth reviews

Lightweight Suitcases and Luggage: in-depth reviews to help you choose

With most airlines now charging extra for checked bags, it’s no wonder more savvy travellers are buying lightweight suitcases. Less weight in your suitcase means more allowance for your stuff.

 Avoid extra cost of checked bags
 Less strain on your journey
 Get the best lightweight suitcases

Best lightweight suitcase? Its all matter of compromise.

Ultra Light
from as little as £5

lightweight cabin bags
Ultra Light
Backpacks & Duffle bags
The lightest and simplest choice if you’re traveling by plane. No wheels no fuss just pack and go

Super Light
from only £10

lightweight cabin luggage
Super Light
Soft shell suitcases
Two wheels make getting from A to B easier. Tend to cost less and weigh less than 4 wheels

Lightweight Cases
tarting at £20

lightweight suitcases
Lightweight Suitcase
Hard shell suitcases
Tend to cost and weigh a little more but the 4 spinner wheels makes your journey much easier

Lightweight Sets
from £70 for 3 cases

lightweight luggage
Lightweight Suitcase
Luggage sets
Some trips require more than one suitcase and buying sets of two or three can save you money


Cordura – Ballistic Nylon – Polyester


generally lighter
generally cheaper
comparatively easy to store
less water resistant
less protection for your contents
… soft materials what to look for


Polycarbonate – Polypropylene – ABS – ABS/PC


more water-resistant
greater protection for contents
generally more stylish
typically more expensive
trickier to store

… hard materials what to look for


Looking to replace your old luggage, or maybe considering adding pieces to your existing lightweight suitcase collection? Lightweight luggage is definitely the way to go. Why? Read more …
Ease of mobility

Luggage that has been made with lightweight materials is easier to move and carry. This is particularly useful when you need to carry or roll your baggage through an airport; carrying it or storing it on a plane; when taking it off a luggage carousel; and so on.

Airline weight restrictions

All airlines have size and weight restrictions for luggage, especially for carry-on or cabin luggage. If you exceed these stringent weight restriction then you can end up paying a costly penalty fee. Both on the outward and on the return journey. Lightweight luggage can help you avoid these additional charges.

More room for your belongings

Lighter baggage means that you can carry more of what you want to take with you, or bring gifts back from your trip, You don’t have to sacrifice these items due to an excessively heavy suitcase design that limits what you can take because of airline weight constraints.

Easier on your body

The lighter the luggage, the less strain it puts on your body, making you less tired, and can reduce the occurrence and/or severity of physical aches and pains that result from travel. With spinner wheels lightweight luggage can take the strain of travelling and you can arrive stress free and ready for you well earned holiday.